Colin’s deep cold cave enables him to bottle late without filtration. Colin does no battonage and makes it clear that he doesn’t mind releasing wines that are “strict at the beginning”. The temperature of the cellar descends to about 7 Celsius in winter, and that has almost the same effect on the wines as an acidification. 
— Stephen Tanzer
The quality Colin is achieving is starting to put him in an elite group and I suspect he will continue to improve. If so, Colin may soon rival for the best micro negociant in Burgundy specializing in whites.
— Burghound, July 2009

Established as one of the young rising stars of Burgundy, Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey in 2005 left his family Domaine, Marc Colin, where he gained a solid reputation for his outstanding white wines. Pierre-Yves took control of a share of the family vineyards (Domaine Marc Colin) from 2006 vintage. His first vintages have been made from vineyards and growers that he works closely with buying the wine as must and aging the wines in barrels which he has supplied. If the resulting wines meet his standards the barrels of wine purchased are then matured in his own cold cellar below his house in Chassagne Montrachet. The white wines are whole bunch pressed, fermented with natural yeasts, aged on lees for up to 18 months in mostly in 350 litre barrels with no lees stirring and no filtration. The corks used come from one tiny supplier and are extra long and extra wide (55mm x 25mm) for the village, 1er cru and Grand cru wines and are untreated with no paraffin and the bottles are then sealed with soft wax to ensure no problems with premox. The resulting wines are built to age classically up to 10 years or more.

Saint Aubins due each April – All other wines due July

“Pierre-Yves Colin described the 2017 vintage as "pure and transparent," with the wines nicely defined by their terroirs. They are, he adds, "more charming than I imagined—less 'cold' in style." Old vines, he says, produced notably more interesting musts than younger plantings, an observation borne out along the Côte. Colin began picking early, on August 28, as usual privileging freshness; though I wonder if a successful experiment with picking his Corton-Charlemagne a little later than had been his habit suggests that the stylistic pendulum may be about to subtly swing at this address? In any case, he has produced a successful range, true to the strong house style, though showing comparatively little overt reduction when I visited after the harvest. As ever, no distinction is made on the labels between domaine and négociant wines, and Colin is increasingly taking responsibility for farming the parcels from which he purchases fruit.” William Kelley, The Wine Advocate, Feb 2019


2017 Aligote blanc  SOLD OUT
From vines located in the Hautes Cotes de Beaune and also in Chassagne Montrachet. Racked before the 2018 harvest and bottled after 16-17 months on lees. Strikingly pure and very expressive even in its youth. Very fresh though with good depth and texture this wine carries just 11.9% alc.

2017 Bourgogne blanc  SOLD OUT
From vines located in Puligny, Santenay and also Saint Aubin ‘Le Banc’. Given all the same care in the vineyard as shown to village and Grand cru vineyards and it shows in the final wine with excellent intensity and lift. Likewise in the cellar this is all aged in 350 litre barrels (15-20% of which are new) as Pierre-Yves does for all his wines. A very stylish start to this remarkable range.
’A little mix of sulfur and citrus on the nose. Round, complex, fresh, lively but never sharp – such a super combination of energy and freshness – excellent Bourgogne again this year – bravo – lovely finishing flavour too.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Beaune blanc  SOLD OUT
Located in the lieu-dit of En Creuzilly at a height of 420 metres with ‘more clay’. A very fresh wine with less ‘fat’ that wants time to show its best. Ample depth covering a very fine structure. Vines in the direction of Nolay, bought in 2014 – 2015 was the first vintage – from an 8 ha domaine shared with Sauzet – “It could go in the Bourgogne but I prefer to make two cuvées.”
’An extra depth of aroma, more clearly yellow-fruited. Rounder in the mouth, but no less fresh – here with a modest agrume-fruited energy – delicious again – different – perhaps a little extra depth of mid-palate flavour. Longer finishing – super…’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Saint Aubin ‘Le Banc’  SOLD OUT
A blend of multiple parcels, but all from this same village’s lieu-dit, with 3 generations of vines. In totality, this is the largest parcel of the domaine at over 1 hectare located at the end of the valley above the village of St Aubin.
’A yellow-fruited and open nose. Attack but neither hard nor sharp – it’s exciting – some agrume flavour, a fine density of flavour – a racy but absolutely delicious wine. Bravo!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Saint Aubin 1er cru ‘Hommage a Marguerite’ SOLD OUT
3 1er crus combined: Combes, Perrières and les Creots – about the same of each – made first time in 2016 due to the frost, the name is from my maternal grandmother who died about the same time as the frost in 2016. We continue…
’A fine, airy width of aroma – very attractive. A little extra weight of concentration too – racy again so I hesitate to say ‘richer’ but there is more depth of both texture and concentration – fabulous mid-palate energy and super vibrancy of finishing flavour – modest intensity of finishing flavour – really lovely stuff. Bravo again, here with more of everything!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Saint Aubin 1er cru ‘Les Champlots’ SOLD OUT
From a south-west facing vineyard planted in 1994 located just above La Chateniere. This site catches a little more wind.
’Also a hint of sulfur but a width of yellow-fruited aroma. Good volume, more compact fruit all the same – but concentrated and with melting flavour at the edges, slightly steely, but agrumed too – a lovely line of finishing flavour.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Saint Aubin 1er cru ‘La Chateniere’  SOLD OUT
From a sheltered south facing vineyard planted in 1970 this is often the richest of the St Aubin wines of this domaine. Older vines than Champlots.
’Like all of this first series of wines, the sulfur is deadening the difference to a large extent. A little more direct, mineral, slowly offering a little extra sweetness of finising, melting flavour. Fresh good energy – delicious wine. A great finish…’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Saint Aubin 1er cru ‘En Remilly’  SOLD OUT
From vines planted in 1975 in this superbly sited south facing vineyard not far from Chevalier Montrachet. ‘The 2017 Saint-Aubin 1er Cru En Remilly is quite giving this year, bursting with expressive aromas of pear, pastry cream, green apple, fresh peach and wheat toast. On the palate, the wine is medium to full-bodied, fleshy and succulent, with an easygoing, open-knit profile that makes it quite an accessible, precocious rendition of this site.’ (90-92) William Kelley, The Wine Advocate, Feb 2019

2017 Pernand Vergelesses ‘Les Belles Filles’ 
From a cooler north facing vineyard just beside the village of Pernand which wines of excellent acidity and structure. Previously bought this and some Sous Fretile and Charlemagne in grapes but the producer is approaching retirement so now also working the vines too. Pierre-Yves describes this terroir as “very limestone”.
’A little depth, a vibration of grapefruit reduction. Extra volume and extra, wiry, muscle – there is a strength here – melting, fresh, excellent more steely flavour. Super wine and very Pernand!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018
’Pierre-Yves Colin now farms—though he doesn't own—close to one hectare here, and the 2017 Pernand-Vergelesses Les Belles Filles is a success, offering up a pretty bouquet of lime zest, white citrus and blanched almonds. On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, elegantly glossy and succulent, with a fleshy core and racy acids.’ (88-90) William Kelley, The Wine Advocate, Feb 2019

2017 Pernand Vergelesses ‘Les Combottes’ 
From a steep south-west facing vineyard that adjoins 1er cru Sous Fretilles which is not far from Corton Charlemagne. These Pernard vineyards were picked a week later than Chassagne in 2017.

2017 Pernand Vergelesses ier cru ‘Sous Fretilles’  SOLD OUT
From a superb south-east facing vineyard on the smaller hill beside Corton Charlemagne. Exceptional freshness and definition.
’A nose of less impact but nonetheless a little finer and more airy. Likewise in the mouth there is volume but more open, complex, interesting, less steely, less overtly Pernand, yet with beautifully, slowly, lingering flavour.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Chassagne Montrachet ‘Les Ancegnieres’  SOLD OUT
These are the oldest vines of the domaine having been planted in 1930. Superbly located beside Batard-Montrachet.
’Also a hint of sulfur but also with an extra depth of aroma. Fuller, less directly energetic but, beautifully flavoured. A hint steely but beautifully expressive over the palate – precise and gorgeous.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Chassagne Montrachet ‘vieilles vignes’  SOLD OUT
From 4 very old vineyards all located on the northern side of Chassagne close to the Puligny border. Lifted citric aromas and bright acidity on the palate giving excellent length. Fine and discrete at this early stage it certainly looks more structured and closer to Puligny in style. Very promising. ’(from Journoblot, Les Houillères and Les Beuttes). Smoke and matchstick scents are all that can be discerned on the nose today. More interesting are the juicy and fleshy medium weight flavors that possess both good intensity and density while offering fine length on the lemony and quite dry finish where the only reproach is a touch of warmth. (88-91)/2023+’ Burghound June 2019

2017 Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru ‘Morgeot’ SOLD OUT
The Morgeot terroir owes its name to a hamlet which abuts Chassagne-Montrachet to the south. Half of the vines in "Les Fairendes" were planted in 1964 and the remainder in 1974. This parcel has deeper soil where rocks break the surface. Up-slope, the stony red soil is shallow but gets deeper lower down the slope where the soil is white, heavy, compacted and clayey.

2017 Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru ‘Les Baudines’ SOLD OUT
From vines planted in the 1960’s located quite high on the slope towards the southern end of Chassagne.
’A nice width of aroma, faintly mineral with citrus inflections. Lots of volume again, more energy too – less cushioning to the last – super, super… More strictly mineral and steely finishing than the last, but also more intense too.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru ‘Chenevottes’ SOLD OUT
From vines planted in 1960 located close to the northern border of Chassagne, not far from Le Montrachet. Just 8 barrels produced with 3 of those barrels being new.
’A big nose, the first that’s much less touched by the sulfur – more open and mineral. Big, vibrant, clearly 1er cru – more depth than the last, fuller too – not more complex but a bigger wine all-round, a touch of barrel right in the finish – top!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru ‘Caillerets’ SOLD OUT
Parcel from parents towards the top. ‘It’s my reference for all the other wines, never high alcohol, never low. The 79 was at least as good as my dad’s Montrachet that year.’
’Deeper, rounder, a suggestion of reduction. Big, energetic, complex, always changing, a width of complexity. Serious, slightly tart but super impressive density in the finish – there’s a hint of oak here too, but more spiced than vanilla.’I find that each year with the Caillerets, it takes 5-6 years to lose that and it always seems a little meagre to start, it’s a family parcel that is high.” Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Puligny Montrachet SOLD OUT
This all comes from the lieu-dit of Le Trezin located high on the slope giving a very mineral cooler style of wine. In 2017 they forgot to lodge the papers with the appellation authorities in time so this is just labelled Puligny village without recognising the lieu-dit name this vintage. Racy and finely textured this shows bright citric fruit and excellent length and vigour. Excellent.

2017 Puligny Montrachet 1er cru ‘La Garenne’ SOLD OUT
‘A parcel from my aunt, made since 2013. More than 80 years old vines, high on the hill, late harvested vs other parcels.’ Just 2 barrels of 350 litres produced.
’A width of aroma of some weight, depth of crystallised fruit. Wide, intense, beautifully texture – the first time I’ve mentioned texture here I think – almost a suggestion of tannin at the base. Gorgeous deliver of crystalline fruit flavour. My new favourite!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Puligny Montrachet 1er cru ‘Folatieres’ SOLD OUT
Just 1 x 228 litre barrel of this in 2016 - this year 2 x 350 barrels produced in 2017. Incredible intensity, really palate staining and a noticeable step up in every way from the preceding Puligny La Garenne. An exceptionally stunning wine of great persistence and shape.

2017 Meursault ‘Les Narvaux’  SOLD OUT
From vines planted 1970’s located quite high on the slope on the Puligny side of Meursault.
’Wide but with a little sulfur. Hmm, really an impressive depth of flavour after the Puligny – complex, generous but with energy too. Less volume and texture but actually a little more delicious today. Absolutely great finishing.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Meursault 1er cru ‘Poruzots’ SOLD OUT
Just 2 x 228 litre barrels of this wine in 2017 so showing markedly different to the rest of the range with a slightly exotic and almost sweeter fruit impression

2017 Meursault 1er cru ‘Les Charmes’ SOLD OUT
From 80 year old vines located on the high side of the slope close to Perrieres - “more mineral” Pierre-Yves says. This is always rounder and more approachable young than the next two.
’A higher parcel on the Puligny side of the climat, almost touching on Perrières. A certain fuller impression to the aroma and a clear ginger spice, almost direction of aniseed here. Direction, drive – what a wine – intense, slight bitters, intense still – delicious and with real tension – wow Charmes!’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Meursault 1er cru ‘Genevrieres’ SOLD OUT
Produced from 35 year old vines. Just 2 x 228 litre barrels of this in 2017 and so showing quite differently to the wines that are all in 350 litres. This shows almost sweet and intense compared to other wines tasted so far. Always fine and restrained in its youth this wine benefits from careful cellaring.

2017 Meursault 1er cru ‘Perrieres’  SOLD OUT
From 50+ yo vines. “The Meursault Perrieres may be a negoce wine but it is also a benchmark for the appellation.” Bill Nanson The Finest wines of Burgundy
’PY’s Perrières is from the lower part of the vineyard. Here’s an open nose, an inviting nose. Extra depth of flavour, rounder, shimmering with extra melting flavour, maybe this is more Charmes than Perrières style. Delicious and fresh – you may confuse blind tasters with this pair. Gorgeous wine again – and of-course bravo – the finish is super long, but today much more modestly intense than the Charmes…’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Corton Charlemagne Grand cru SOLD OUT
Consistently one of the best wines here. This year 2-3rds from Pernand the rest from Aloxe with 4 x 350 litre barrels and 1 x 228 litre in total. Intense yet fine. Great acidity this year. Brilliant.
’Hmm, pretty complexities of fresh aromas from acidulated-fruits. Volume in the mouth, vibrant, almost a little composed, pure and complex. Great wine.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018
’(the proportions have changed again and in 2017 are in a 30/70% proportion from Les Renardes in Aloxe and En Charlemagne in Pernand). A soaring, cool and pretty nose features notes of green apple, floral, mineral reduction and plenty of citrus elements. While the medium weight flavors are not super-dense they still manage to convey evident power on the stony, bone dry and impressively complex, firm and persistent finish. Patience required. (92-94)/2029+’ Burghound June 2019
”A live wire of a white, with a racy, resonant structure that sets the stage for high-impact flavors of peach, apple pie, vanilla and toast. Comes together midpalate before fanning out on the long, expansive finish. Best from 2021 through 2030. From France. Senior editor Bruce Sanderson says: “Since moving into his new cellar on the outskirts of Chassagne-Montrachet, Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey ferments and ages all his wines in 350-liter oak barrels. The spacious facility allows him to have two vintages aging at the same time, and he keeps the grands crus in wood up to 20 months without racking, if possible. They see 50 percent new oak. This Corton-Charlemagne is from a parcel on the west-facing PernandVergelesses side and one on the more southerly Aloxe-Corton side.” 97 points Wine Spectator, September 2019

2017 Batard Montrachet  Grand cru SOLD OUT
Produced from 85 year old vines. This is a wine of remarkable intensity that masks the underlying structure. Immensely impressive yet remaining focused and energetic with more notable acidity this vintage. Vines in Chassagne, just… ‘Bâtard seems to suffer less in hot years – there’s less stress, it has great regularity, it can be generous with grapes so we have to be careful right from the start, removing the buds.’
’Fresh, open, complex and with energy. Steely, direct, melting intensity, a waterfall of flavour here. Just mega, but you might reasonably expect more width from a Bâtard, this is quite sleek – great wine nonetheless – so persistent too.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Chevalier Montrachet  Grand cru SOLD OUT
Produced from 60 year old vines this shows fabulous freshness and structure holding the impressively intense fruit in check.
’A little touch of sulfur again, but still a certain vibrancy. Extra volume, extra energy – apparently this is really a step up! Large-scaled, brilliant wine – really brilliant wine.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018
’Once again a strong dose of sulfur holds the upper hand relative to the underlying fruit. More positive are the sleeker, finer and more mineral-driven but not more concentrated flavors that offer first-rate intensity on the equally complex, persistent and saliva-inducing finish. This too is very much built-to-age and is going to need it. (93-95)/2032+’ Burghound June 2019


2018 Bourgogne Rose of Pinot Noir SOLD OUT
Pale delicate colour. A beautifully fine elegant and racy rose with real finesse and excellent character and complexity.


2017 Santenay vieilles vignes ‘ceps centenaires’ SOLD OUT
These are the oldest vines owned by Pierre-Yves having been planted in 1900. This vineyard is on the eastern extremity of Santenay, abutting Chassagne 1er Cru Morgeot. The soils are a combination of marl and calcaire giving a wine of finesse and depth which while showing well young also have the ability to age well too. Made using 50% whole bunches in 2017.
’Over one hundred year-old vines, the problem is that we don’t have an exact age – when I started with my father in 1995 and they were already over 100, there’s only 2-3 % of replacement vines in the parcel.’ Caroline made the wine – 50% whole-clusters.
’Modest colour. Vibrant and pretty aroma – faintly of roses. Volume, freshness, vibrant depth of flavour too. There is clarity, and energy, with a width of flavour here. I love it. Fantastic!’
Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018

2017 Santenay 1er cru “Gravieres’
2017 is the first vintage from 48 year-old vines, PY does all the vineyard work and this is vinified with 30% whole bunches.
’Pale again – the style here in 2017. A very faint herb to the nose. Fuller, less fine textured, a little grain but there’s energy and complexity to the finishing flavour.’ Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, October 2018