Gloriously coppery/henna/auburn colour; flawless clarity. Mature fragrances ... delight the olfactory sense ... decadently fruity and spicy ... Finishes with flair and grace ... Wow, what a beauty!
— Cognac Frapin Extra — 5 stars and inaugural Hall of Fame Selection, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, 2011.
Comprised of old cognacs that are around 35 years old, VIP XO is one of the most beautiful cognacs I’ve ever seen ... A great distilled spirit.
— Cognac Frapin VIP XO — 5 stars, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal.

“Few houses in Cognac have the hallowed history of Frapin, still owned by the original family, who can trace their winegrowing and distilling back to 1270 (the current CEO is the 21st generation). Consider: The family’s coat of arms was bestowed by Louis XIV; the quill logo was designed in honor of famed author François Rabelais, whose mother was a Frapin; Gustave Eiffel constructed the building where the blending is carried out.“ Vinous Media, September 2019

Frapin is located in the centre of the Grande Champagne, Premier Cru du Cognac region in the sleepy little town of Segonzac, the finest designated region in Cognac. It is the only merchant located in the town and only sells Cognacs produced from grapes sourced from its own 240ha estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. The Frapin family have been wine growers since 1270, but until the 1980s the family’s primary business was as a distiller and supplier of mature Cognacs to Remy Martin, Hennessy and Courvoisier.

In 1984 the Cointreau family (direct descendants of the Frapins) ascended to the management of the company with Beatrice Cointreau at the helm. Since then Cognac Frapin has been re-invigorated and re-positioned as a producer of the very finest Cognacs in its own right, marketed under its own name.

At Frapin all the fruit for the Cognacs is grown on the estate and is usually harvested 2-3 degrees riper than the regional norm to bring extra flavour to the base wine. Distillation always takes place with the lees from fermentation, adding texture and length as well as extra dimensions of flavour complexity. The young Cognacs are aged for a good 2 years or more in new Limousin oak (much more than is typical), before being transferred to older barrels for the long haul. And whilst the average stockholding in the Cognac region is just on 7 years, Frapin currently holds 16 years in stock, highlighting the extra complexity that age brings to its range of Cognacs.

The ageing of the Cognacs at Frapin is further distinguished, with maturation taking place in one of two distinctly different environments. Long ageing in the humid cellars underground makes for a rich and powerful style, whereas the drier attics emphasise fruit and bring a finer and more elegant finish to the Cognac.

HÉRITAGE DE LA MAISON (Heritage of the House)

An alliance of ancestral knowledge with the oldest reserves of the Frapin Family.

1270 (5‐6 yrs) ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru
Its warm, golden highlights give it a beautiful straw colour, bearing witness to its time in new Limousin oak barrels. Aromas of vine and lime blossom, with a light touch of vanilla from its ageing in Limousin barrels promise the aromatic richness characteristic of a great cognac. Roundness, finesse and balance. Length on the palate due to a very special distillation over fine lees, with slight vanilla or toast notes, adding a touch of freshness and originality.

Frapin 1270 is an integral part of the Frapin range with its exceptional aromatic richness. Ideal for mixed drinks.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

VSOP (10‐12 yrs) ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru
Its orange colour bears witness to its time ageing in Limousin oak barrels. The bouquet is complex, fruity with orange and floral with dried flowers. Discreet notes of vanilla are revealed. This Frapin VSOP offers a wonderful aromatic intensity. Frapin VSOP is very harmonious. It is balanced with persistent flavours, including fruity orange notes. The finish is spicy with notes of cinnamon or pepper.

‘The quintessential expression of the Frapin style. A cognac that can combine with anything at any time, as an aperitif, during a meal or after dinner.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

VIP XO ‐ 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru
A cognac with rich bronze tones and a natural purity, Frapin XO VIP charms from the first glance. Pleasing floral notes and a beautiful aromatic complexity punctuated with subtle woody tones. An overall elegance typical of aged Cognacs from Grande Champagne. After its delicate aromas, its power in the mouth comes as a surprise. XO VIP offers a palette of flavours, revealing in turn chocolate notes, dried fruit, candied fruit, and gingerbread. The expression is sophisticated and complex, with depth, but without ever losing the original freshness of the fruit. Composed with the precision of a sonnet, XO VIP is an ode to the passion behind its creation and flavour.

‘This is a rich, complex and evolving cognac in which everyone will find their own aromatic references.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

‘Comprised of old cognacs that are around 35 years old, VIP XO is one of the most beautiful cognacs I’ve ever seen; the rich chestnut/bronze color shines under the examination lamp; perfect purity. The opening salvo of aroma is assertive and vigorous as zesty notes of pine, oak and parchment get the attention of the olfactory sense; seven more minutes of aeration serve to enhance the oak by introducing a fine caramel/toffee component that perfectly complements the wood. The palate entry is fruity, almost jammy, and sweet; at midpalate the smooth, satiny, creamy texture provides one of the highlights along with supple, mature, and beguiling flavors of cocoa, chocolate cake frosting, butter cream, and walnut. Concludes as elegantly as it began. A great distilled spirit.’ 5 stars, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal.

“An older XO from Grande Champagne with more than 30 years of aging in Frapin’s humid cellars, to highlight roundness and suppleness. Deep amber, with a confectionary nose of nougat, cocoa and candied orange. In the mouth, there’s depth and complexity, a warm citrus embrace at first, then lots of gingerbread and creaminess at midpalate, followed by a long, comforting finish. This is a Cognac for a cold evening by the fire. (40% abv) 93 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

Extra ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru
The Extra offers a wonderful mahogany colour with warm copper highlights. The bouquet is very smooth, complex, developed aromas of aged port mixed with the scent of wooden cigar boxes, typical of old Grande Champagne cognacs, which appear after a very long ageing. Concentrated candied fruit aromas like apricot. The palate is supple, smooth, rich and luxurious, with an exceptionally long finish in which all the flavours combine in a subtle and complex harmony. Notes on the bouquet include the famous ‘rancio’ found in Grande Champagne cognacs distilled over lees and aged for several decades. To be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment for a special tasting experience beloved of both amateurs and the most experienced enthusiasts. An exceptional after-dinner drink thanks to its fruitiness and finesse.

’Suppleness, exceptionally long finish… can be enjoyed to infinity!’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

“Aged 40 to 45 years in dry cellars, this bronze-colored Extra has exceptional finesse and elegance. The complex nose is full of rancio, offering notes of dried rose, hints of leather and old library and even aromas of old Port. The palate is beautiful and inviting, a seamless swirl of candied fruit, toasted nuts, pepper, spice and tobacco. The finish keeps going for what seems like hours. 95 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

‘Gloriously coppery/henna/auburn colour; flawless clarity. Mature fragrances of dried peach, oak, wood resin, and vanilla extract delight the olfactory sense in the first inhalations; further aeration time stimulates roasted/toasted scents of almond, fruit compote, dried fruit pastry, and moss/earth. Entry is oily, silky, decadently fruity and spicy, yet clearly firmly grounded and mature; the midpalate stage highlights honey, vanilla, dark caramel, fudge, coffee bean, and old oak. Finishes with flair and grace, with racy flavours of dried banana, dried nectarine, and vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. Wow, what a beauty.’ 5 stars and inaugural Hall of Fame Selection, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, 2011.

Plume ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru
Plume Frapin offers a beautiful burnt orange colour. The bouquet is powerful and complex. Fruity notes of dried apricot, fig, orange, liquorice and tobacco, with cigar box notes that appear with time in the glass. Plume Frapin offers woody notes, prunes and candied fruits. The ‘Rancio’ flavour is well developed and the finish is exceptionally long. The flavour evolves greatly in the mouth. For maximum enjoyment, take your time and let the brandy breathe.

’Terroir, artful blending, patience and respect for nature make Plume Frapin an exceptional blend produced in a limited series of 500 numbered bottles.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

Cuvée 1888
This bottle unites very old Grande Champagne (très vieille) eaux-de-vie from the barrels of the Domaine Château de Fontpinot. The Cuvée consists of Folle Blanche notes which seem to be quite rare to find. The decanter is unique: Frapin created a bottle, crafted by the Christalleries Royales de Champagne, including a 24 carat gold element.

‘Frapin’s precious Cuvée is a complex, intense Cognac - on the nose some dry fruits, orange and a hint of nuts. On the palate: A balance between flowers, some citrus, vanilla and notes of exotic wood.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

TRÉSORS DU CHÂTEAU (Treasures of the Chateau)

An alliance of ancestral knowledge with an exceptional terroir; Cognacs grown, made, distilled, matured and bottled at the estate of Château Fontpinot.

Château Fontpinot XO ‐ 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru
This XO cognac is the fruit of long ageing in dry cellars, which gives it a subtle, complex, refined, long-lasting bouquet consisting of candied fruit aromas (dried apricot, dried fig), marzipan, hazelnut, nougat, then port notes and finally the famous ‘rancio’ character. Balanced, rich and complex on the palate with aromas of dried fruits and candied fruits and an exceptionally long finish. Add a drop of water to Château Fontpinot XO to let the aromas breathe and soften the power of the cognac.

’Only a true gourmet will appreciate the Château Fontpinot XO to the full. This cognac enchants desserts with its fruity flavours and offers its character to anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of a cheese board.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

“One of my favorite XOs, aged for 20 years in Frapin’s dry cellars, to highlight finesse and elegance. Made exclusively from grapes harvested around Frapin’s Fontpinot castle, in Segonzac, the heart of Grande Champagne. Copper-orange in color. The nose is alive with fresh flowers and mint, along with richer aromas of dried apricot, pastry dough and a hint of rancio. The freshness carries onto the palate, where there’s great linear structure, nuttiness and attractive acidity, and the surprisingly intense grilled walnut finish. This is a lively, drinkable style of XO that offers excellent value. (40% abv). 96 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

1991 - 20 Years Old
This vintage 1991, produced solely from Ugni Blanc, comes from our vines located in the south-eastern part of our vineyard, characterized by a chalky and clay soil and a crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region. Forever connected to the spring frosts that eradicated much of the production of cognac, each bottle is stamped with the hallmark of rarity.

This treasure of Frapin offers a gorgeous orange colour. The bouquet is very balanced and make up of refined fragrances of candied fruits (orange and apricot) and the fine notes of of honey and spicies. At the end are revealed light woody notes along with ‘rancio’ characteristics and wooden cigar boxes typical of Grande Champagne. Finesse et elegance thanks to its ageing in dry cellars. Pronounced aromas of candied fruit (orange, apricot), light notes of honey and gingerbread. Exceptionally long finish, typical of Grande Champagne distilled over lees. The Millésime 1991 speaks as much of the elegant patina of a ‘20 ans d’âge’ as the unique ability of a cognac to magnify the intimacy of shared moments.

‘By giving time to time by allowing it to breathe in the glass, this beautiful orange-coloured cognac will reveal its depth of aromas acquired from its 20 years of sleeping in oak barrels.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

“1991 was an infamous year in Cognac because spring frost eradicated much of the harvest. But this vintage for Frapin is exquisite, bottled after aging for 20 years in dry cellars to highlight finesse and elegance. Light amber and light-bodied, the depth of aromas and flavor comes as a surprise. At first there are scents of candied citrus and nougat, but returning to the glass, there’s an entire flower garden on the nose, along with hints of attractive pipe tobacco and licorice. On the palate, a delicate balance of honey and spice, of creaminess and nuttiness, of gingerbread and cedar, with a persistent walnut-rancio finish. At just 20 years, this singular, hard-to-find vintage illustrates how great Cognac can be at all ages. (41.2% abv). 98 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

1990 - 27 Years Old
Elegant and taut, supple and bright; Frapin Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old is a truly exceptional cognac. It is the result of a complex alchemy; a union of a unique terroir, knowledge passed from generation to generation and a passion for excellence. It embodies the Frapin style with its voluptuous aromatic richness and its infinitely long finish. The 1990 vintage was an unusual year that has endowed Frapin Millésime 1990 with a unique personality. It comes entirely from Frapin’s Les Gabloteaux vineyard located within the 314 hectare domaine.

Millésime 1990 – 27 Years Old offers a bright, yellow-orange coloured with a warm glow. The nose has delicate floral aromas dominated by jasmine, with apricot, mango and orange nuances. Subtle woody notes underscore everything. In the mouth it is powerful yet incredibly elegant and balanced. Apricot and fig notes are complemented with hints of liquorice and toasted nuts. The palate continues with a lingering rancio character which persists through to the finish.

‘A true embodiment of the Frapin style.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

“Coming entirely from Frapin’s Les Gabloteaux vineyard in Grande Champagne, this 1990 vintage was bottled after 27 years of aging in dry cellars. Deep amber, with big patisserie aromas on the nose, along with jasmine and mango. Surprisingly fruity on the palate, featuring apricot and fig, but then serious rancio notes come at midpalate, along with toasted nuts and pepper. Not as great as the 1991 or 1988, but still a very fine Cognac for the price. (41.3% abv) 93 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

1989 - 20 Years Old
Golden yellow with a slight amber color. Floral, iris, jasmine, Bourbon vanilla, dried apricot, quince compote. On the palate hints of liquorice, woody notes, vanilla, candied apricot,
exceptionally long finish.

1988 - 25 Years Old
This vintage Cognac, produced solely from Ugni Blanc, comes from vines located in the south-eastern part of the vineyard, characterised by a chalky, clay soil and a crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region.

Millésime 1988 offers a beautiful bright orange colour with yellow highlights. Very balanced nose, consisting of aromas of dried fruit (hazelnut, fig), prune and dried apricot. Then light woody notes appear along with ‘rancio’ characteristics and wooden cigar boxes typical of Grande Champagne as well as leather aromas that reveal themselves with time and patience. 25 years. Smooth and supple attack with a lot of finesse and complexity, due to the grapes being really mature, and an exceptionally long finish, typical of a distillation over lees.

‘Small yields plus hot and dry weather conditions at the end of the summer favoured conditions of a good bunches maturation. This parcel had aromatic characteristics but, particularly, also a structure and a balance that led us to designate it as a vintage immediately after its distillation.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master

“Aged in dry cellars for 25 years (bottled 2014), this has more roundness and is slightly softer than the 1991, but is still nimble on its feet. Light amber in color, it offers pretty violet aromas amid notes of dried fig, apricot pastry and almond paste. What balances things and gives this its power is an undertone of swirling minerality, a chalkiness and flintiness at the core. A beautiful spirit all around. (41.5% abv) 96 points“ Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, September 2019

The BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) guarantees the authenticity of the Cognac Frapin vintages by carefully monitoring the sealed casks as they rest in the cellars for 20+ years.

Multimillésime #7
The quest for the perfect alchemy of rare eaux-de-vie, that offers a journey through time into the heart of Grande Champagne… Multimillésime #7, the new release from the ‘Trésors du Château’ collection, is the result of a unique terroir, ancient know-how and a passion for excellence. This exceptional cognac is the combination of 3 vintages selected for their sensory potential and complementary characteristics: 1989, 1991 and 1993. A blend of vintages exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at Frapin’s Estate, Multimillésime #7 offers the best from the 240ha estate located in Grande Champagne, Premier Cru of Cognac.

1989: framework
The vintage 1989 forms the framework of the Multimillésime #7. It brings its structure to the assembly. It seduces the nose with its floral (iris) and fruity (compote of quince) notes. On the palate, it has nice, slightly vanilla and woody notes.

1991: finesse and subtlety
This vintage 1991 brings finesse and delicacy with its aromatic accents of candied fruit, orange, apricot, honey and spices.

1993: power
The vintage 1993 offers aromas of citrus then apricot and a delicate woody notes. The palate is powerful. Dried fruits, hazelnuts and honey are noticeable as the famous rancio too.

‘A sensorial trio that continues the quest of excellence initiated in 2008.’ Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master