Wow, what a beauty!
5 Stars and inaugural Spirit Journal Hall of Fame (2011) for Frapin Cognac Extra.
— F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal.

Cognac Frapin is located in the centre of the Grande Champagne Premier Cru du Cognac region in the sleepy little town of Segonzac, the finest designated region in Cognac. It is the only merchant located in the town and only sells Cognacs produced from grapes sourced from its own 778 acre estate in the heart of the Grande Champagne region. The Frapin family have been winegrowers since 1270 and mostly sold their Cognacs to Remy Martin, Hennessy, Courvoisier and other houses until the 1980’s. Since 1984, when the Cointreau family took over what was then a forgotten brand, it has been selling increasing quantities of brandies. These brandies have been kept in new wood for longer than their competitors, so confident are they with the quality of it’s brandies , the size of its stocks represent 18 years of sales (an amount of 2 to 3 times the quantity of the stocks held by its competitors). Frapin keeps its best cognacs in new oak for up to 2 and a half years, depending on the amount of colour (and therefore tannin) the spirit has absorbed.

VS Luxe (5‐6 yrs)This entry level Cognac is a terrific drink. There is loads of complexity, delicacy and subtlety. This V.S. Luxe has top notes of wood, citrus peel and raisins. The palate is smooth with vanilla, dark cooking spices, cinnamon, cloves and more brown sugared raisin notes. There is even something that reminds me of white chocolate. On the finish, vanilla, spice, a little 'café au lait' nuance and a waft of mandarin peel, completing what is a wonderful little journey confined in 30mls. Benandwine

VSOP (10‐12 yrs) ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru Nice colour, feels even older than it is – I would have guessed a 15 year old cognac i.e. between Napoleon and XO, because of the number of older cognacs in the blend.”

VIP XO ‐ 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru “Light and flowery with good florality, some nuttiness and good Rancio.”

Chateau Fontpinot XO ‐ 100% Grande Champagne Premier Cru Generous vanilla, wild flowers and candied fruit recalling oranges and apricots, accompanied by nuances of Port and the famous ‘Rancio’, synonymous with very old Cognac. This very old Chateau Fontpinot offers balance and a persistant finish.”

EXTRA ‐ 100% Grand Champagne Premier Cru “This comes exclusivelt from the the ancestral family reserve. Harvested, distilled and aged in casked preserved by Pierre Frapin. Very sweet, complex and subtle. Old Port mixed with the perfume of wooden cigar boxes, typical of a 40‐50 year old Grand Champagne Cognac. The flavours melt together in a complex and subtle blend.”

Multimillesime ‐“1982 for its Rancio style with oxidative dried fruits, nuts and wood. 1983 for its fruity characters, despite its age, pulpy and fleshy notes. The 1986 bringing the elegance and finesse to accentuate the 1982 and 1983 vintages. Bronze colour creating a warm lively appearance.”

 Cuvee 1888- This bottle unites very old Grande Champagne (très vieille) eaux-de-vie from the barrels of the Domaine Château de Fontpinot. The Cuvée consists of Folle Blanche notes which seem to be quite rare to find. The decanter is unique: Frapin created a bottle, crafted by the Christalleries Royales de Champagne, including a 24 carat gold element. “Frapins precious Cuvée is a complex, intense Cognac - on the nose some dry fruits, orange and a hint of nuts. On the palate: A balance between flowers, some citrus, vanilla and notes of exotic wood.”