Eric Bordelet approaches Cider-making with the same intensity as a passionate Oenologist brings to Winemaking. Bordelet worked as Sommelier in the leading 3 star Parisian restaurant, ‘Arpege’ where he became deeply familiar with the top winemakers and wineries of France. In 1992 he took over the tiny patch of family farmed orchards in Charchigné, in the heart of Normandy’s premium Cider producing area. Since then he has set about rescuing the ancient ‘heirloom’ varieties of pears and apples that produce tiny quantities and amazing flavour.

Working organically, the fruit is dry-farmed, as Bordelet prefers to work with tiny very flavor-some apples and pears. "The fruit we work with looks quite different from what you'll find in the grocery store." says Eric. "I know what each apple variety brings to the cider," he says, explaining that  some Ciders can have about 20 different varieties used.  “… I use about 40% of sweet apples, 40% sour apples and 20% of acidic apples to get the right balance."

His ciders are deliberately made in a very gently sparkling “petillant” style and do not have the same level of effervescence as many other ciders. This is a conscious decision on Bordelet's part.  "I want it this way because it shows off the fruit character better."

Pomme Perlant  750ml
Non alcoholic sparkling apple juice made from a blend of varieties and is  just lightly sparkling like all his ciders. Fabulously pure and perfumed and wickedly moreish bottles of this delicious cider empty remarkably quickly. Gently sweet and incredibly pure. Try some for breakfast.

Sydre Brut Tendre 750ml
In France Bordelet offers a "Demi Sec" bottling of apple, but for our market the wine is called "Brut Tendre," having 25-30 grams of sugar per liter.  This actually tastes "dry" to most people.

Sydre Argelette 750ml
The Argelette, Eric notes, "is more winey.  Some vintages have to stay in the cellar longer.  Argelette is the type of soil and it's the same 40-40-20 blend of the other apple ciders."  This tends to have more skin contact, he explains.

Poire Authentique 750ml
Aptly described by Eric as a ‘Poire de soif’ or thirst quenching pear cider perfect for aperitif or with seafood and cheeses. So pure so delicious. Awesome.

Poire Granit 750 + 1500ml
Produced from pear trees estimated to be about 300 years old. Poiré Granit has 75-80 grams of sugar per liter, yet it doesn't taste particularly sweet.  This is due to the tannin and acidity, which Bordelet says is twice as high as the apple! Stunning as aperitif or with cheese or desserts. With just 3% alc/vol this can be enjoyed any time. Cider simply doesn't get better than this !!

Sidre Nouvelle Vague 330ml + 5 Litre Keg + 20 Litre Keg
Made from a blend of around 20 different apple varieties to produce a classic off-dry cider, perfect for any occasion. This cuvee contains about 15% of Eric’s “gourmand cuvee” Argelette. Naturally gently sparkling and a great companion for many foods especially spicy foods.

Calvados (L16.1982) 500ml  52% alc/vol  
Eric’s Calvados are double distilled and bottled at cask strength resulting in Calvados of remarkable refinement and complexity. Extraordinarily fine.